Reinhard Vanbergen – Daily Daisies (Limited Edition LP)

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Reinhard Vanbergen – Daily Daisies (Limited Edition LP)

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Reinhard Vanbergen – Daily Daisies (Limited Edition LP)

Limited Edition Vinyl LP (300 Worldwide)

This is the third ‘Inspired By’ album of Reinhard Vanbergen. After previous releases such as Coloured Cones (inspired by Micheal Borremans) a world-famous painter,and ‘Souvenirs de Bon Goût’ (inspired byKobe Desramault’s Chambre Separée) a Belgian star chef.
Reinhard chose a photographer this time.
Daily Daisies is inspired by Diana Monkhorst, a Dutch photographer with whom Reinhard has worked with before on his triple self-titled debut album. That album was about Reinhard’s music, while Daily
Daisies is about Monkhorst’s work. He made 8 soundtracks for 8 pictures. That will be released as a limited luxury vinyl, including 8 posters of the photographs, as well as a digital release. As Reinhard tries to immerse himself in the work of the inspired by artist, he includes their musical taste. This time it involved some middle eastern inspiration, where the oud and lots of percussion, play the main part next to Reinhard’s well-known violin.

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