Reinhard Vanbergen – Reinhard & Reinhard Limited Edition LP Vinyl

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Reinhard Vanbergen – Reinhard & Reinhard Limited Edition LP Vinyl

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Reinhard Vanbergen – Reinhard & Reinhard Limited Edition LP Vinyl

Limited worldwide to 300 copies.

A1 True Transistor
A2 Moody Mosfet
A3 Amber Amplefier
A4 Rad Resistor
A5 Rootsy Regulator
A6 Tear Transformer
A7 Smooth Sensor
B1 Ready Rectifier
B2 Cold Capacitor
 Round Resonator
B4 Indy Inductor
B5 Fuzzy Fuse
B6 Dreamy Diode

This album is a collaboration with… another Reinhard. They went to kindergarten together, and then lost track of each other. Through social media Reinhard Vanbergen discovered Reinhard Roelandts’s music when he posted diary recordings of his self-built modular synth, recorded on fluttering tapes and little vintage speakers.

The idea of building tracks on top of the modular otherworldly soundscape with acoustic instruments seemed inspiring and like a perfect fit. And so, it happened.

After listening to the first couple of songs on the album, you’ll be delighted that there’s more coming. The soundscapes of Roelandts’s modular synth gives this album a strange alien trip to space. While the acoustic instruments, we know from Vanbergen, will guide you back to a sense of home. This is an album playing in a kindergarten playground amongst genres such as jazz, soundtrack and classical.

Get lost and found in this one-of-a-kind experience.



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