Rheinhard Vanbergen – Circle Back (Limited Edition LP)

Limited Edition LP (300) Worldwide on Black Vinyl.

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Rheinhard Vanbergen – Circle Back (Limited Edition LP)

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Rheinhard Vanbergen – Circle Back (Limited Edition LP)

Limited Edition LP (300) Worldwide on Black Vinyl.

A1: Hold Your Storm
A2: We Belong
A3: Simplicity
A4: Marry Me
A5: Dew Of Darkness

B1: Fanfarology
B2: Hollow Ending
B3: Lavender Fields

The Belgian artist and multi-instrumentalist is ready with another album. Circle Back comes as part of Vanbergen’s inspired-by-series: a run of albums written in inspiration by—and sometimes in cross-disciplinary collaboration with—special friends of the artist.

For this project Vanbergen turns to the Belgian filmmaker Kadir Ferati Balci as muse. Balci selected short fragments of his work, forming them into a kind of visual summaries of his oeuvre, ranging from films to docu. He added an extra dimension to these fragments, reversing parts and rendering everything in a circle.

The music is still a world unto itself. Eight jazz tracks each with a music video by Kadir Ferati Balci, accompanied by a hidden sequence, psychedelic sounds and alienating, contemplative, philosophical lyrics sung by Charlotte Caluwaerts.

The collaboration between Caluwaerts, Vanbergen and Balci is not new. On several projects Balci directed, the music was provided by the Vanbergen-Caluwaerts duo. This time, however, the music did not have to be functional, as was more the case with previous collaborations (docu about Stefan Hertmans, the series “Een Goed Jaar,” the series “Storm Lara”).

Vanbergen once graduated as a Jazz violinist at the Conservatory of Ghent. On this record he shows that. He enlists the help of Belgium’s finest, Dre Pallemaerts and Lara Rosseel, on drums and double bass, and Charlotte Caluwaerts doesn’t fail to show how broad her pallet has become over the years.

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