Specktors – Shanksville – CD

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Straight out the gutter of Shanksville, comes the slumromantics of Specktors – a thrash eurodance rap quartet that have been killing parties, radios, venues and festivals all over Denmark.

Starting out as a one-off birthday party act, the flamboyant and unique sound, turned several heads and instantly, Specktors got booked for a bunch of others gigs, or ”bloodbaths” as they prefer to call their live performances. With a couple of broken bones from these gigs, the expression isnt far from the truth.

On the 09.09.09 – Satans birthday turned upside down – the debut album Shanksville hit stores, and a three part sold out release celebration followed. So did the second single, Broerne Brænder featuring Fagget Fairys. A stonecold bouncy hiphop track, that elevated the goldchain/leathervest/skinnyjeans/flipcap-wearing act into another league of bossness.

1. Røg
2. B.B.B.H
3. Broerne Brænder feat. Fagget Fairys
4. Hellerup Ansigt/Amar' Røv
5. Den Nye Gamle Stil
6. Toppen Af Bunden feat. Jokeren
7. Længe Leve De Døde
8. Nøglen Til Byen
9. Natten
10. Dyr Som Os
11. Shanksville

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Specktors – Shanksville – CD

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