The Kenneth Bager Experience – Fragments From A Space Cadet 2 – CD

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Legendary Danish DJ and producer Kenneth Bager continues to innovate and turn heads with ‘Fragments From A Space Cadet 2’. Four years after the critically acclaimed 'Fragments From A Space Cadet' Kenneth Bager released a follow up in 2010. 'Fragments From A Space Cadet 2' takes the listener on a journey through a number of genres, ranging from pop, soul and disco to world, jazz and hiphop.

For those who’ve come across Kenneth in the past, which will be many, none of this will surprise you. Mr. Bager is a man who likes to stand out from the crowd, a man with a vivid imagination and a leader of a whole generation of dancers and music lovers.

1. Fragment Twelve “Rabbits In Russia” feat. Mames Babegenush
2. Fragment Fourteen “Naked Music” feat. Jazzbox, Cecilie and Frederikke
3. Fragment Thirty-Two “Wall Of Shame” feat. Sheldon Senior
4. Fragment Thirteen “Go Underground” feat. Thomas Troelsen
5. Fragment Twenty-Five “Shake It”
6. Fragment Twentyseven “Yeh Yoh”
7. Fragment Twentysix “My Dearest” feat. Fagget Fairys
8. Special Bonus Fragment Eight “The Sound Of Swing Part 2 – Oh Na Na” feat. Aloe Blacc & The Hellerup Cool School Choir
9. Fragment Thirtyfour “F.O.A.C.(Frutility Of Armed Combat)” feat. Jonas Krag
10. Fragment Sixteen “I Can't Wait” feat. Thomas Troelsen
11. Fragment Thirty-Three “Window-Shopping” feat. Julie Higgins
12. Fragment Fifteen “Time Is Up” feat. Berg
13. Fragment Twenty-Eight “Mes Enfants”

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The Kenneth Bager Experience – Fragments From A Space Cadet 2 – CD

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