Reinhard, Reinhard & Charlotte – New Album

Reinhard, Reinhard & Charlotte – New Album is out today.

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Intelligent and atmospheric art pop album from Belgian masters.

The Ghent home of Reinhard Vanbergen and Charlotte Caluwaerts has proven a cornucopia
of wonderful pop music in past years. From the critical triumph of their indie-disco project
Rheinzand (alongside Mo Disko) to a sprawling catalog of solo and collaborative albums, the
two seem to have struck upon a bottomless goldmine of dazzling electronic pop.
On this newest release, the pair team up with electronic sound magician Reinhard Roelandts
to deliver a teeming bundle of intelligent and atmospheric electronic pop. From the bleeping
neo-psychedelia of ‘More Than I Wanted’ or ‘Consolation for the Times’ to the shrewd art-pop
of ‘Bitter Silhouette’ or the quirky aquatic charm of ‘Only Love’.
The sound is playful and whimsical yet assured and sophisticated. It is a more humble and
reflective pop than for example Rheinzand’s operatic disco. Still not afraid to rock the house,
though, as evident on the galvanized ‘Days in Between’ or the rousing, anthemic ‘Dagger’.
References span from Animal Collective to Cate Le Bon to Scott Walker.
This truly enigmatic sound is built from Roelandt’s maverick experimentation with homemade
modular synths layered among multi-instrumentalist Vanbergen’s acoustic arrangements. This
was also the recipe for last year’s Reinhard & Reinhard. The new element now, of course, is
Charlotte’s vocals. But it is an addition that alters the shape, the songs here being more
structured and dramatic, built around the enchanting vocals and their wistful and dreamy
lyrical motifs