Reinhard, Reinhard & Charlotte – Together

Reinhard, Reinhard & Charlotte – Together is out now.

Click here to listen – https://linktr.ee/musicfordreams

The Vanbergen-Caluwaerts home was a hive of creative activity throughout the end of 2022, with the studio constantly buzzing with new music. Despite a relatively quieter year for releases in 2022, due to Reinhard and Charlotte’s tour commitments with Rheinzand and Hercules & Love Affair, they returned home full of inspiration and energy. The result is an impressive six new albums, all set to be released in 2023 through their trusted Danish label, Music For Dreams. Each album will feature a carefully chosen single followed by the full album.

One of the standout tracks from Reinhard Vanbergen’s upcoming album is “Together,” the lead single for his second 2023 release. This is the follow-up album to 2021’s “Reinhard & Reinhard”. This first record was a collaboration between Vanbergen and the other Reinhard, Reinhard Roelandts. Vanbergen provided acoustic layers over electronic modular synths that Roelandts built himself. The goal was to emphasize the atmosphere that Roelandts had already created. For this follow-up album, a very different approach was taken, with the focus shifting to finding the hidden essence of the song. Charlotte Caluwaerts took on a crucial role in this album, using her vocal prowess and lyrical skills to help bring out the songs. The result is a powerful collaboration aptly titled “Reinhard & Reinhard & Charlotte,” featuring the drumming talents of Gert Malfliet (known for his work with Tristan, Tsar B, and Tessa Dixson).

With complete creative freedom for the lyrics, Caluwaerts drew on recent life experiences to craft emotive and nostalgic verses that explore the theme of goodbyes. The lead single “Together” is a poignant reminder that even in the face of big goodbyes, the connections we make with others remain unbreakable. The album artwork for both the single and album features stunning paintings by Nicolas Boussemaere, whose realistic style perfectly complements the dreamy and wistful mood of the music.