Reinhard Van Bergen – Get Yours! (Inspired by Guttlin Guitars)

Reinhard Van Bergen – Get Yours! (Inspired by Guttlin Guitars) is out now.
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Reinhard Vanbergen presents Get Yours!, a neo-psychedelic concept album that maneuvers the different shapes of guitar music throughout history. The music moves from cracking Americana riffs to 80’s jangle pop to blissed out boogie grooves with what seems a dreamlike ease, disparate sound images blending in and out of each other in these strangely poignant melodic patterns.

As on the opener, ‘Supreme Tux’, which evokes a retro-futuristic wedding band striking a note that manages to sound both woefully kitsch and hauntingly beautiful at the same time. Or on ‘Servant’ where a jaunty hillbilly groove meets electro synths in what becomes an ineffably hypnotic sequence.

You soon realize that you’re in Vanbergen’s own anachronistic playground, a sort of Doctor Who adventure skating across space and time on paths cut by the artist’s melodic imagination. What we get is an album that doesn’t take itself too seriously yet ends up offering material that is interesting and original beyond the easy-listening pleasures.

The record is also a tribute to Reinhard’s long-time guitar-manufacturer Guttlin Guitars, with all instruments on the record except beats and synths made by him, and all tracks taking their name after his guitar models.