Reinhard Vanbergen – A Perfect Night (Inspired by Jiggers Cocktails & Coolers)

Reinhard Vanbergen & Charlotte Caluwaerts – A Perfect Night (Inspired by Jiggers Cocktails & Coolers) is out now.

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Also available on Limited Edition Gatefold Orange Vinyl – Buy Now

Reinhard and Charlotte reveal the newest entry in their ‘inspired by’ album series. A Perfect Night is produced for the duo’s favorite Ghent watering hole, Jiggers Cocktails & Coolers. The good people at Jiggers designed eight cocktails for the project, each matched by a track from Reinhard and Charlotte.

The music is on here is highly eclectic, ranging from dusty soul-pop and oddball synth-funk to grand dream-stirring indie-pop that sounds like it would have come out of Paris in the 80’s. The duo worked with drummers Gert Malfliet and Giovanni Barcella on the album, with Vanbergen performing the rest of the instruments, and Caluwaerts singing on all tracks.

The vinyl is a gatefold lined with recipes for the cocktails and pictures by Zaza Bertrand, the wife of the owner of Jiggers, Olivier Jacobs. A real family affair.