Reinhard Vanbergen – An Introduction

Reinhard Vanbergen – An Introduction is out now in all digital stores.

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This album is a compilation of Reinhard Vanbergen’s work. Compiled by Jon Tattersall, Music for Dreams’ label manager and a close
friend. This compilation saw the light after Vanbergen released 17 solo albums in 3 years of different styles and another dozen releases with
various other projects.
Vanbergen’s solo albums with vocals are all co-written with Charlotte Caluwaerts.
The instrumental albums are a mix of nu-classical, ambient, and cinematic soundscapes. Stringed instruments mostly being the basic ingredient of it all, contributing to Vanbergen’s signature sound.

Vanbergen has made a series of “Inspired by” albums and some of the tracks are featured on this ‘best of’ album. For those albums, artists
outside of music ignited the inspiration. A painter, a star chef, a photographer, a VR game company, an installation artist…
To stay within this tradition, Vanbergen asked for a painting by another inspiring artist he was lucky enough to meet while he was on tour in Kosovo. Fitore Berisha Alisdottir is a Kosovar-Icelandic artist. Through her art, she brings out the emotions of desperation and the expression of those surrounding her. Her colours represent the future she hopes to see, vibrant and full of love.
Her work treats human problems and obstacles from daily life, which she’s witnessed during her journeys in many different places.
Sharing art, connecting and supporting other artists, and building a network of like-minded people was the common ground from the start
with Kenneth Bager’s Music For Dreams, and the
spirit in which all Vanbergen’s albums and projects were created.


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