Reinhard Vanbergen & Charlotte Caluwaerts – A Good Year

Reinhard Vanbergen & Charlotte Caluwaerts – Songs from the TV Series ‘A Good Year’ is out now in all digital stores.

Click here to listen or download

Now, for Reinhard Vanbergen and Charlotte Caluwaert’s full soundtrack for the tv-series ‘A Good Year.’ A collection of swirling atmospherics and autonomous pop brilliance. The twenty songs run the gamut from frothing electro to dusty guitars and electric organs. There’s the dark cabaret of ‘Wasteland,’ the galvanized soul-rock of ‘Fool’s Paradise,’ the stark r’n’b majesty of ‘Black Star,’ or the blistering neo-psychedelia of ‘Lady Fortuna.’ Soundtracking the brooding tensions, the crescendoing releases, the twists of fate and arcs of redemption. Once again, a superlative display of talent by these two chameleons of pop.


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