Reinhard Vanbergen & Charlotte Caluwaerts – They Do Not Care

The new single by Reinhard Vanbergen & Charlotte Caluwaerts – They do Not Care is out now in all digital stores-

Click here to listen or download

Single taken from the album ‘When Machines Start Talking (inspired by Painting VR)’ to be released the 7th of June 2022. While this single is the only instrumental of the album, the other tracks feature Charlotte Caluwaerts as co-writer and singer.
14th of April marks the day that Painting VR go’s multiuser, making it easier accessible. This seemed like a good moment for Reinhard Vanbergen to inspire an entire album around this new technology. This single also announces an album also to be released in Painting VR. Everybody knows vinyl, cd’s or cassettes and its corresponding players. But in a virtual world, all these rules and limitations are gone. A music player can be a pan with water, while the format can be a frog that you must boil in order to hear music… Or is there no longer a format?? Scary questions that will be resolved on the 7th of June. For those that are too scared: you can also find this single on all ‘normal’ digital platforms.


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