Reinhard Vanbergen – Moving Moments (Inspired by Zoro Feigl)

The new album by Reinhard Vanbergen – Moving Moments (Inspired by Zoro Feigl) is out now in all digital stores.

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Reinhard Vanbergen is releasing the 4th ”inspired by” album. ‘Moving Moments’ which is the latest addition
to this series.
The first album was inspired by a chef, the second by a painter and the third by a photographer. The
art of those three disciplines came without original sound and movement, which is unlike the work of
Zoro Feigl that’s the inspiration for Reinhard’s fourthalbum in the series.
This gave Reinhard a new challenge: to incorporate the sound and movement of Feigl’s installations. The tracks ‘Fluid Floor’ and ‘Prosphenes’, were originally meant to accompany Feigl’s installations. In ‘Waterwall’ and ‘Murmuration’, the sounds of Feigl’s work are incorporated into the tracks. On ‘Abysses’ the movement of the work is mimicked in an obvious way.
In previous albums, the music was solely inspired, though on this album the music flirts with Feigl’s installations and is a mix between the story and functionality. As a result, the music sits a little more
back, leaning into genres that allow more space, like ambient and jazz, but still with Reinhard’s signature sound that relies heavily on acoustic instruments.
The 6 tracks are composed for the 6 installations of Zoro Feigl’s exhibition shown in Stedelijk Museum
Schiedam. The exhibition runs from 14th of May 2022.
An audio tour will be offered for those who want to experience the music, and the installations in a different way.


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