Reinhard Vanbergen – Murmuration

The new track by Reinhard Vanbergen – Murmuration is out now in all digital stores.

Click here to listen or download

‘Murmuration’ is from Reinhard Vanbergen’s
upcoming album ‘Moving Moments (inspired by Zoro Feigl)’. Zoro Feigl makes large installations that always have a mechanical moving element to them. ‘Murmuration’ is inspired by an installation that illustrates a
transparent circular disc (8m in diameter) hanging from the ceiling, that slowly turns. On the surface of the disc, hundreds of small balls move along with the moving disc, creating a swam like sound and a visible
swarm. You can hear the original sound of the installation in this track. The music drags you into this swarm and makes you become a part
of it.


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