Reinhard Vanbergen – Onetonetrax

Reinhard Vanbergen new album Onetonetrax is out today.

Click here to listen or download

ONETONETRAX is a concept album. All tracks are made with one note. As a result, harmony and melody are cancelled out. This album was made in the first  lockdown due to covid19 in march 2020 and gets its release exactly one year later, dedicated to the nightlife and all people working in it.

It is also an homage to the 60’s and 70’s, where experiments and obscure music was printed on vinyl just for the sake of art and experiment. In a way, this album is a reference to the classical composers who wrote etudes and variations for students. The album is connected to these classical composers, in that sense that ONETONETRAX is also a study, but an electronic one.

Reinhard Vanbergen made 12 tracks, one for each note, and tested different genres, styles, composite time signatures and other ways to compensate for the lack of harmony and melody. Not only to keep it interesting and go beyond the experiment but make it work as an album as well.  8 where selected that fit together. 

On the vocals you can hear Charlotte Caluwaerts, who writes and works with Reinhard on numerous other projects. The cover photo is also hers.


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