The New Album by Reinhard Vanbergen – When Machines Start Talking (Inspired by Painting VR) is out now in all digital stores.

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This is the 5th ‘inspired by’ album of Reinhard Vanbergen. This series of albums started with ‘Souvenirs de Bon Goût’ (inspired by Kobe Desramaults Chambre Separée). After a dinner with fellow musician Charlotte Caluwaerts, the duo decided to make an album around the experience they had in the star restaurant. After this co-written album, Vanbergen made 3 albums on his own: Coloured Cones (inspired by Michael Borremans), Daily Daisies (inspired by Diana Monkhorst) and Moving Moments (inspired by Zoro feigl). This 5th album brings back Caluwaerts as co-writer and singer. While previous albums were inspired by a star chef, a painter, a photographer and an installation artist, this one is inspired by 8 digital paintings from different users of a VR app. These 8 works were selected from all participants of a competition launched with this goal.
The intention of the inspired by albums was always to investigate the resembling between different artforms taken from the position of Vanbergen as a musician and producer. But very soon in this process one question popped up: what is art and what makes someone a artist? Is the creation of the means, the creation of a platform and the creation of a social network that allow artists to make art, not a very big part of that in these digital days, thus making it into an artform itself?
The title was chosen as a subject for the painting competition, questioning Painting VR itself and what is stands for: a new view on the possibilities of digital technologies and what this will mean in the future. The result is a rather dark album because of that.
What sets this album apart from Vanbergen’s other albums, is the persistent use of electric guitars. One of the founders of painting VR, Wim Reygaert and Vanbergen met each other in the very early days, where Vanbergen scared Reygaert of the stage at a jam session in the most awful way that only young and arrogant people can do. It took Vanbergen several years to make up for that by producing Reygaert’s band: drums are for parades. For the last phase of his penance, Vanbergen chose to use Reygaert’s favorite weapon as main instrument in the hope that this would settle this matter for once and for all after 30 years. Judge for yourself, but this could be the best way ever to settling a very old dispute.

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