Rheinzand – Love Games

The brand new single by Rheinzand – Love Games is out now in all digital stores.

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“Love Games,” the third single from Rheinzand’s forthcoming album Atlantis Atlantis, breathes new life into an 80’s gem. Covers of legendary songs might be taboo in the eyes of some, but not the glittering eyes of Rheinzand. On the heels of their rousing re-envisioning of the Talking Heads epic “Slippery People,” the band lovingly reimagines a 1981 hit by British jazz-funk outfit Level 42.

Paying heed to the masterful bassline and flourishing synths of the original (courtesy of Mark King and Mike Lindup, respectively), Rheinzand give the rhythm and melody a vibrant boost with lo-fi Balearic vibes. The track enters into a world of its own—Rheinzand’s world—with distinctive vocal performances by Charlotte Caluwaerts and Mo Disko alongside Reinhard Vanbergen’s quirky instrumentation and pristine production.

The video accompaniment, shot by the multitalented Dutchman Richard Cameron (best known as one half of the band Arling & Cameron), adds further mood to the Rheinzand’s “Love Games.” Captured in three simple shots, Cameron’s video gets ultrapersonal at home with Charlotte, Mo, and Reinhard with an Anderson-esque vibe. As the tune rhetorically inquires, do lovers ever need to hide?


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