RKDIA – Federer Happier

The new single by RKDIA – Federer Happier is out now in all digital stores.

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RKDIA is two jazz musicians’ rogue circuit through the world of pop. One is Danish, plays keyboard, handles synth arrangements, occasionally sings, is named Morten Schantz. The other is Swedish-Norwegian, plays drums (manically) and is named Anton Eger.
In this new world, they are curious. Look at all the opportunities, they say. All the colors and materials and space and time. They say, let’s plug in our jazz brains and see what we can do with it. ‘Federer Happier’ is our second look into that spectacle.
The track is a starry-eyed staccato blast through the synth-o-sphere. Full of riffs and crescendos, there’s kind of a video game vibe to it – a play of temperament disjunction not unlike climbing through levels of a video game. Now you’re underwater, now it’s a night-blue tapestry with stars shooting by. Now the beat changes, and the melody sprawls, as you plunge deeper into this hypnotic edifice of neon streams and marble beams. Quite a ride.
The song is a tribute to Schantz’ long time idol Roger Federer. There’s something of him in the music, too, “the ultimate artist on a tennis court,” as Schantz describes him, with his intricate and multifaceted skillset, the medley of euphoria and intelligence that is his story.


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