Rodrigo Sha

The multi-instrumentalist Rodrigo Sha is one of the most respected, hyped up and requested musicians in Brazil. On TV, he shows all his talent beside Leo Jaime every Tuesday night on Rede Globo, leading the band of “Amor & Sexo”, TV Show hosted by Fernanda Lima. Rodrigo Sha is also the big name behind Fernando de Noronha’s Revéillon, considered the most exclusive New Year’s event of the country. He is in charge of it for more than 5 years, as well as he takes his music all over the world with hallmarking performances in the main cities of Europe, United States, Latin America, Australia and Asia.

Sha was the greatest winner of the contest that chose the song theme for the 80 years of Christ the Redeemer – “Tema Cristo Redentor 80 anos”, in a partnership with DJ MAM, contended by more than twenty thousand contestants from many different continents.

Alongside his music history, he gathers productions with the master of Bossa Nova, Roberto Menescal, Carlinhos Brown, world tours with the singer Bebel Gilberto and with the band BossaCucaNova, besides having already released three solo albums.

In the electronic music scene, Rodrigo has already performed beside outstanding artists, such as Carlo Dal’Anese, Crossover (Dj Julio Torres and Amon Lima), Leozinho (Life is a Loop), Memê, Marcelinho Da Lua, Oliver Ingrosso (Sweden), Thiago Mansur, Carol Legally and, of course, Rafael Nazareth (partner on the HSB project).

Rodrigo has recorded especial participations on the DVDs “Outra Vez” from Ritchie, “Acústico MTV” from Kid Abelha, Bossa Nova In Concert, Christ the Redeemer 80 Years, Baia, BossaCucaNova – playing with Carlos Lyra – and 30 years of Blitz band.

His ease on passing through different music styles results in projects such as House Spirit Brazil, Rodrigo Sha & Orchestra and “Os Roncadores”. These projects are a result of his constant search for what is new, as well as of partnerships with special artists who add elements and make an exhilarating match with Rodrigo’s musicality, taking him from Bossa Nova to electronic music.

With a variety of albums released in Brazil and abroad, his latest work – Carnaval Beach Club vol.1 – emanates joy and versatility. Rodrigo’s energy, sax solos, flute and voice, provide the public with an innovative sensorial experience in an exciting concert.

According to the reviews, Rodrigo makes “music to be listened to closely, paying attention to the details, over hasted by the mix among melody, rhythm and harmony”.