Ruf Dug

The original tropical cyberpunk, Manchester’s Ruf Dug makes tunes that find their way into A-list record bags and has built a reputation for jamming out highly energetic DJ sets that reflect his wide range of influences.

DJs from Moodymann to Ben UFO to Jose Padilla reach for Ruffy’s tracks on labels as diverse as Unknown To The Unknown, Golf Channel, Music For Dreams and his own highly collectible Ruf Kutz imprint – not content to stay still stylistically, Ruf Dug’s sound is tough to pigeonhole.

Blame the esotericism on his nomadic background – brought up in Manchester with summers in Ibiza, Ruf Dug moved to Australia and got caught up in the post – millenial Sydney underground warehouse scene, earning his DJ stripes (and staying a step ahead of the riot police) at squat jams, lesbian sex parties and 3 day mushroom-fuelled bush raves.

He’s back in Manchester these days, holding a residency at award-winning club the Soup Kitchen and is one of the minds behind the infamous Wet Play parties. He’s a regular guest at Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section (they called him “The epitome of everything we stand for and an inspiration for all we aim to blossom into,”) presents a monthly show on NTS radio and has a knack for bringing the vibe to any room. In 2015 Ruf Dug’s vinyl ‘Island’ also made it to top 15 on Piccadilly Records top 100 albums.

From the dirtiest cassette techno through the smoothest street soul to tropical island beats; from sensual sunset ambiences through late night disco peakers to burned out boogie – Ruf Dug joins dots like none other, never once losing the connection between the mind, the body, the soul, and the dance.