Santino Surfers – Santino Surfers Album

Santino Surfers – Santino Surfers Album is out now.

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MUSIC FOR DREAMS welcome you to the sun-drenched soul-funk palace of SANTINO SURFERS.
This much awaited debut album masterminded by Danish Jonas Krag delivers nine tracks of lusciously wrought guitar sweetness traversing soul, jazz, funk and rock territory. Packed with sundrenched atmosphere and top-notch craft.
For Jonas Krag, the guitar has become something of a prosthetic limb. Spanning a twenty-year career, he has produced, written and played music with a wealth of artists on the Danish pop and rock-scene. Along the way, sketches of something more personal began to collect in his mind and with Santino Surfers these ideas have now crystallized into a fully-fledged artistic language.
What smolders beneath this music is an unabashed aural indulgence. The sound is luscious, warm and melodically rich from end to end. Nimble riffs and squirming solos arranged effortlessly around the rippling drums.
Take the gorgeously flowing structures of ‘Sunrise Swell’, the gentle psychedelia of ‘Who Ordered Fish’, the waxy 80’s-infused coolness of ‘Late Night Neon’ or the sprawling solo pageantry of ‘Three Corners One View’.