Subnesia – Historia Del Amor (Extended Mix)

Subnesia – Historia Del Amor (Extended Mix) Feat.Charlotte Caluwaerts is out now.

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Subnesia’s early summer hit ’Historia Del Amor’ gets an extended version release.

The Danish duo’s track features Spanish vocals by Charlotte Caluwaerts of Rheinzand, sung over a smacking downtempo beat laced with Spanish guitar. This new 8-minute extended cut accommodates DJ and non-DJ play alike, giving the special vibe a chance to settle in the evening air before the romance moves on.

“In life the potential for something great is often revealed in small changes, happy accidents, little turns of fate,” says Michael Rune, producer and saxophonist. “A sax-theme is changed to a guitar-theme, and a song is born. Or you’ll bump into someone on the street and instantly know you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with them. This is what ‘Historia del Amor’ is about.”