Subnesia – The Beginning

Subnesia – The Beginning Album is out now.

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Music For Dreams are proud to announce The Beginning, the first LP from new Danish electronic act Subnesia, to be released on October 13.
Behind the moniker hides the producer pair Anders Ponsaing and Michael Rune, both from Copenhagen. Ponsaing has a background as a DJ and Rune has worked for many years as a saxophonist. With Subnesisa, they have created an electronic pop-project with heavy melodic and instrumental focus. Elements from hip hop, funk or latin folk are driven through rich downtempo beats in a stream of heartfelt, romantic and chilled out moods.
Ponsaing and Rune say about the record:
”The album doesn’t follow a linear sonic thread as much as each song represents something distinct and self-contained. The common thread is our shared journey, our exploration through these different sounds.
The vision for Subnesia is to create a melting pot of musical talents, spanning a wide array of genres and styles. We want to make something new and exciting by combining organic, acoustic and electronic elements into something unique.
The Beginning reflects this vision in that we’ve been working with a lot of different talented musicians to create a record that exceeds conventional boundaries. This is the culmination of our work with Music For Dreams and visionary Kenneth Bager. We’ve truly found an identity and direction through this collaboration.”
The album features multiple guest musicians and vocalists such as Baun, Truck D, Mathias Heise, Charlotte Caluwaerts, Nordal and Nikolai Bøgelund.