Sun Creatures – Guidance Of The Sun

Sun Creatures – Guidance Of The Sun debut single on Music For Dreams is out now in all digital stores.

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Sun Creatures debut single ‘Guidance of the Sun’
The inventive, percussion-based ensemble started when the two musicians Arto Eriksenand Fridolin Nordsø came together through their shared love of 70s funk, West African rhythms, and Brazil’s drum ensembles.
In ‘Guidance of the Sun’ one land in a place in between Australia, West Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. It’s a progressive track opening with the didgeridoo embracing the pure aboriginal vibe of the native Australians. A vibe that’s carried on through the West African percussion dancing through the savannah in search of the mythical oasis “not far
away”. Calling for the percussion in the savannah is the Bedouin-like vocals from the Middle East trying to guide the ensemble to the place to meet. In this cultural ritual, the European trumpet brings the ensemble together as one, on a mission to seek the ‘Guidance of the Sun’.


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