Sun Creatures – Soi Cowboy

Sun Creatures – Soi Cowboy is out now.

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Feverish jazz-funk from Sun Creatures on new single ‘Soi Cowboy’.

Sun Creatures is a new jazz-outfit lead by the two Danish musician/producers Arto Eriksen and Fridolin Nordsø, sprung from a shared love for 70s funk, West African rhythms, and Brazilian drum ensembles.

With their new single, ‘Soi Cowboy’, the duo crank up the fury. The sound is keyed up and light on its feet, racing through frenzied grooves with impressive dexterity. Dizzying percussion-dribbles, rogue basslines and distorted horn-riffs worked up into frantic screeches. Latin influences melt into the raw street-funk ooze and kept in check by an unmistakable technical skill.