Sun Creatures – Solar

The new single by Sun Creatures – Solar is out now in all digital stores!

Click here to listen or download

The inventive, percussion-based ensemble started when
the two musicians Arto Eriksen and Fridolin Nordsø came
together through their shared love of 70s funk, West African rhythms, and Brazil’s drum ensembles.
‘Solar’ slaps you right in the face with its funkalisious groove
defined by the upfront drums and the bassline moving
from its heels to toes throughout the track accompanied
by wah-guitar, brass. Just when you thought it wasn’t funky
enough, the duo also applied an organ solo.
Imagine yourself arriving to at the bar, still with your headphones on. While Travolta-style head-nodding you
smoothly arrive at the bar table. With one hand on the bar
table and the other in your pocket, you confidently start
scanning the room while feeling untouchable. Only until
the DJ of the night grabs your shoulder and asks: “What
soundtrack are you listening to?” To which you reply: Sun
Creatures – ‘Solar’… This is how the tune might make you
feel. So… Go on! Give it a spin!


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