Troels Hammer – The Ship Of Love

The new single by Troels Hammer’The Ship Of Love’ is out now in all digital stores.

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‘The Ship of Love’ is the story of 16-year-old Troels Hammer, who sailed home from Mozambique back in 1981.
The journey was to South Africa. Due to machine problems, it took Troels and the crew a few weeks to get through the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel. Troels finally arrived in South Africa and the
crew were able to get assistance. During the three weeks of repair work, Troels met a wonderful South African woman and they fell madly in
love. A love that was interrupted when Troels left again… Into the Atlantic… Into life…
This is the essence of Troels’ tune ‘The Ship Of Love’. A
story about meeting something in life that remains unredeemed, and which then drifts around in one’s thoughts and emotional life like a driftwood from the past.


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