Troels Hammer – UNIKA

The new album by Troels Hammer – UNIKA is out now in all digital stores.

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With Unika, Danish Troels Hammer takes to the sea. He gazes at the horizon. What does he see, the 57-year-old composer, therapist, consciousness explorer? What’s out there before it, beyond it? We can’t say. Maybe you couldn’t say it with words. Maybe you’ll have to listen to the music and dream for a bit.
The main piece here, ‘Unika’, stretches out over four tracks of tranquil drifting. The base of the music is composed of drawn-out pads and breathy synths undulating gently. But there are many layers to it. Once in a while, a curve of strings or a note of piano will come up for air. Then disappearing into the deep again where everything swirls and dissolves.
On the fourth part of ‘Unika’, Brazillian Rodrigo Sha (Troels’ bandmate in the chill-out group Copenema) lends his saxophone to the scenery. On ‘Unique’, Danish Felix Kingo plays a wailing electric guitar in the background.


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