Valentin Huedo

Valentin Huedo is a true Balaeric DJ.

Growing up in Ibiza and listening to chill-out compilations in his room since he was twelve, Valentin Huedo has always had a feeling of complicity with music from Ibiza. His sound ranges from chill-out to deep house and tech-house, always trying to find a good groove with elegance.

Valentin Huedo has many things going on. Deejaying and hosting shows on the radio; Ibiza Sonica, being resident DJ at Cafe del Mar, and constantly traveling the world and Ibiza’s crazy nightlife with his music. Some of his accomplishments include compiling ‘Chill House Vol V’ for Cafe del Mar, which sold more than 30.000 copies, winning “Best Ibiza Resident DJ” at the DJ Awards in 2008 and “Best Ibiza resident DJ in a bar lounge” at the Deejaymags Awards in 2009.

Valentin Huedo continues playing all over Ibiza and the world, making compilations and amazing tracks.