Visti’s Vinyl Collective – Sunshine In Atalaya

Visti’s Vinyl Collective – Sunshine In Atalaya is out now.

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Danish musician and radio host Jonas Visti presents Visti’s Vinyl Collective, a world-spanning project devoted to bringing different musical cultures together in warm, soul-nourishing pop music.

‘Sunshine in Atalaya’ is the second single from the project. A warm, lovelorn piece of soul-pop written by Jonas Visti and his partner and fellow musician, Emma Sehested Høeg. A lavish mix of guitars, flute and Würlitzer piano set the backdrop for Høeg’s dreamily waltzing vocals, musing on the thrills of summer love.

The main man behind the collective is Danish musician, DJ and radio host Jonas Visti, known for his dissemination of global jazz, funk and rock, particular from the southern hemisphere, through his show Visti’s Vinyls on Danish public radio P8.

Visti’s Vinyl Collective is comprised of musicians from the Danish jazz scene who collaborate with special guests from South America and Africa. Musically, the project is a creative extension of his radio show: not really bound by genre or conventions but by an easy-going, warm, colorful sensibility and an ethos focused on the collective functions of music.