Voice of Art – Sleeping Structures

The new album by Voice of Art – Sleeping Structures is out now in all digital stores.

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The art-pop collective Voice Of Art was founded during the COVID-19 lockdown by five Danish artists: label boss Kenneth Bager, pianist Troels Hammer, the young aspirating electronic producers DJ DIVO & OliO, and the now deceased Jacob Andersen, one of the most prolific percussionists in the Danish music scene.

The idea behind Voice Of Art was metaphorically speaking to have clean white canvas and see
what happens if we splashed different paint colours on it. Throughout the project the collective found that the old-school Fairlight CMI from the 80’s should be the continuing element with its vocal samples. From this came their debut-album ‘Sleeping Structures’. Amongst ‘Sleeping Structures’ artsy tracks is ‘Get Down’ an unorthodox dance track with elements
such as the accordion, the Chinese dizi, talk box, guitar a brass and string section. The daydreaming ‘Nine Days of Silence’. ‘Make Me High’ that sounds as if the listener is on a march towards it’s one and only – whoever that might be. The whole track is built upon the string loop which act as a catalyst of empowerment throughout the track. ‘Stuck In My Feelings’ – an
original track with Phillip Glass-like pianos, sample ideas meet Planet Rock, meets Indian children’s choir. And there is a lot more.
Yep… It’s not really your typical formula – but it’s nonetheless intoxicating.


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