Voice of Art – Stuck in my Feelings

Copenhagen-based Voice of Art is ready with their new single – Stuck in My Feelings – a follow-up to the Ibiza sunset fave 2021 “What’s Remembered Lives”.
“Stuck in My Feelings” was born after a long session when Voice of Art members Dj Divo and his partner OliO together with Music For Dreams honcho Kenneth Bager was about to leave the studio. Suddenly one Idea took the other. They went jamming and the pieces of the puzzle to “Stuck in My Feelings” were born – Kenneth later teamed up with Danish Classical composer Troels Hammer and bum – ready to release – an original track with Phillip Glass-like pianos meets 80ties Fairlight sample ideas meets Planet Rock meets Indian children’s choir – sounding weird … If The Penguin Cafe Orchestra – ‘Music For a Found Harmonium’ was a dance track in Ibiza – what about “Stuck In My Feelings”

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