Wille – Bilancia Nero

Wille – Bilancia Nero is out now.

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Wille is a Danish electronic artist, a true househead who describes his style as a ‘futuristic nostalgia,’ an experiment in taking up various styles and genres (disco, italo, acid, jazz, deep house) and imagining their alternative evolutions and cross-pollinations.

’Bilancia Nero’ is his latest alternative take on the glitz and analog glamour of 1980’s Italo disco, with an acid twist.

He says: “I’m somewhat obsessed with reimagining the past, and the idea of tracing back the steps of how music evolves with technology, and how it might have evolved differently. Nothing new in combining styles, but the art of it, I think, is making it seem like the marriage between genres is obvious, as if Italian electro was always supposed to have acid synthesizer leads”.

The b-side ’Bilancia Vero – Dance Mix’ is not so much a remix as it’s own track, building a new structure around the percussive elements of the former, swapping out his 80’s penchant for a more polished digital sheen, leading us towards the dance music and piano house anthems of the 90s.

The album, titled Shoreline Orbs, will be released in late ’24.