Willie – Commander F

Willie – Commander F is out now.

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Commander F is the second single leading up to Wille’s debut LP “Shoreline Orbs”.

The sound is distinctly an 80s affair, while the title is a reference to the infamous USS Nimitz Encounter in 2004, where a certain pilot commander “F” and crew saw a Tic-Tac shaped craft, hovering and making otherworldly maneuvers. In other words, a certain object that was (and still is) unidentified and flying. Intriguing!

As much as any work of instrumental electronic music can be “about” something, Wille’s upcoming LP “Shoreline Orbs” is very much about some of these as of yet unsolved mysteries, what their legitimacy may or may not entail for our collective worldview, and about refinding a fundamental curiosity seemingly lost in the wilderness of a bureaucratic adulthood, and putting that feeling to sound.