Julie Pavon

We are very proud & super excited to welcome Julie Pavon to the Music For Dreams family. Julie is such a unique & talented artist, and we urge you to go and see her live shows to witness the energy & emotions she brings to her performance. Julie Pavon literally becomes music when the beat […]

Santino Surfers

Santino Surfers is the new project by multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Jonas Krag. An amorphous blend of chilled-out, soulful, and melodically lavish material. Imagine twangy 60’s black and white guitars splashed with neon colour and dusty country rock curls in distorted gleam. The ‘surf’ sound is prevalent throughout the work (hence the name), setting the dial […]

Pepe Link

Pepe Link, is a renowned DJ and music producer based in Mallorca ; Balearic Islands He was one of the first DJ on the island to explore and produce electronic music and mixing in his sets with ambient sounds, ethnic vibes, folk, reggae, soul and funk creating like other dj in Ibiza a particular balearic […]


Music For Dreams is proud to present a new artist to our family – Wille Wille is a new House project by Copenhagen music maker William Winding. Being William’s childhood pet-name, Wille brings a childlike sense of melodic intuition and an attitude of never second guessing yourself. From his cosy studio in Sydhavnen, he produces […]


If you like Laid Back and Yello – this might be for you… Anders Ponsaing and Michael Rune have got together and made the duo Subnesia. Follow Subnesia on Facebook & instagram Michael Rune: Michael Rune is a Danish music producer songwriter and saxofonist. In 2011 Michael and Nadia Gattas did the danish vertion of […]


Born in the island of Corfu GREECE , Achilleas also known for many years in the house scene for his act FOG . With a vast ammount of releases he gave birth on his CheapEdits alias focusing into more diverse productions . Balearic,downtempo or other times into more nu wave italo shapes. He made his […]

Reinhard Vanbergen

Reinhard Vanbergen started his musical career in the band das pop with which he won Humo’s Rock Rally in 1998 in belgium. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Conservatory of Ghent as master in jazz violin. Currently he has a teaching position at the Conservatory of Ghent in the department of music production. With […]

Lips Lips Lips

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Lips Lips Lips is Nordic Dream Pop. Lips Lips Lips debut single ‘Leave’ is released on 7th June 2019. Accompanied by the emotive video shot on the small island of Møn, just south of Copenhagen. “Leave is a love song about living life in circles of love, striving for the good, […]

Mike Salta

ABOUT MIKE SALTA Mike Salta is a Danish music connoisseur and producer. Growing up with the late 70’s and early 80’s flourishing electronic influence on music, boogie, funk, disco and italo-disco were the first true vibes fueling a passion that has grown into a lifelong dedication to music. With DJ’ing, music production, talent development, event, […]


Rheinzand is a collaborative project between Reinhard Vanbergen, the multi-instrumentalist and producer, Charlotte Caluwaerts (Tundra) and Mo Disko from the renowned duo ‘The Glimmers.’ Their tracks are a mixture of dance music’s rich history giving nods to old & new, forgotten & popular scenes & genres in order to create their own take on today. […]